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Vaping will never be the same again with the pax 2 Pocket Vaporizer!

The pax 2 is a portable vaporizer equipped with a heating system capable of reaching a temperature level of up to 215°C . Specially designed to vaporize all kinds of dry herbs, the pax 2 is the best quality vaporizer on the market and will win you over with its stylish design, in different colors, and its amazing performance.

The surprises don't end there, the pax2 comes with four temperature settings, giving you different vaping experiences depending on which option you decide to choose:

  • 182°c for a light and mild vapor
  • 193°c for a balance of vapor and flavor
  • 205°c for a generous and rich vapor
  • 215°c for an intense, toasty flavor

Using it is extremely easy: just press and hold the power button move closer to the mouthpiece and inhale, the pax 2 is ready to captivate you!

The device, thanks to its cutting-edge technology, takes less than a minute to heat up and evenly propagates heat whatever chopped material you place in the heating chamber. You'll know when the process is happening by the LED light coming on.

Battery life is another highlight of the device: up to 2 hours of performance, and in the package you'll find a usb cable ready for charging whenever you need it. In addition, the device has a motion sensor that can activate standby mode in the Pax 2 if the device is stationary for too long.

Among portable vaporizers, the Pax 2 is the only one that offers uniform and customized vaporization. Its components are ergonomic, its design unique, you can't miss it!

In the package you will find:

  • pax 2 vaporizer
  • maintenance kit
  • usb battery charger
  • flat mouthpiece
  • ergonomic mouthpiece
  • oven filters
  • oven lid

And if the Pax 2 has exhilarated you, you must try the PAX 3: this new vaporizer, again from pax labs, comes with an entire starter kit that will allow you to vaporize extracts as well as simple flowers. The real highlight is that the device connects to an app full of amazing features: among others, it will be able to indicate the percentages of active ingredients inhaled. 

The pax 2 vaporizer has up to a 2-year warranty.

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