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Space Cake | CBD < 20%,THC < 0.2%, HHC 0%

Space Cake | CBD < 20%,THC < 0.2%, HHC 0%

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Our literally “space” taste Space Cake will take you to another universe🪐

👉 large and resinous flowers

👉 high CBD content

👄 spicy flavor

🌀 ecstatic effects


The story

The space cake is a hybrid, close relative of the famous Cookies. Its nature contains terpenes with dominant carofillene which makes it particularly resinous and with a sweet and intense taste, just like a delicious cake.

Legend of flavor:

Acidity: 🍋🍋🍋/5

Sweetness: 🍪🍪/5

Fruity: 🍓🍓🍓/5

Pinoso: 🌲🌲/5

Body: 🪴/5

This genetics seems to come from a distant planet and its effects will definitely take you out of this world! 🪐

Get brought by MamaMary to an all-Italian paradise,

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