Stress in animals: CBD oil could be the solution

Stress in animals: CBD oil could be the solution

Stress in dogs and cats

It might sound amazing but dogs and cats also suffer from stress. This phenomenon is not so uncommon: if we highlight some behaviors associated with stress in our animals we will realize that it is more frequent than we think.

Let's take a few examples: agitation, separation anxiety, itching, frequent or unjustified trouble, hyperactivity, destructiveness, skin problems, or ejection in unusual places. If your little friend has different types of these behaviors, he may be experiencing a stressful time.

The events that cause these episodes of stress are of the most disparate: from the trivial visit to the vet or an unscheduled event, to the appearance of a new family member or a sudden transfer.

The resulting problems are numerous and can involve both pets and masters who might drrling in trying to explain these behaviors to each other. When a check-up at the veterinarian confirms the diagnosis, two avenues may open up: taking medicines or resorting to natural remedies.

In case you choose the second option, the CBD oil one (like this one here from MamaMary) is one of the favorite treatments, but now we explain why.

The history of CBD

CBD is one of the substances, along with THC, that can be found in Cannabis plants. The main difference between the two is that CBD has no psychotropic effects, which means that it is not a psychoactive substance, which ‘gets high’, which is why in many parts of the world it is also used for medicinal purposes for animals.

Although the narrative around this substance is controversial because it is thick associated with that of THC, in many countries it has been legalized for years. In Canada, as in many other countries, for example, there is no restriction on the use of CBD substances that are available in many stores throughout the country and are used for therapeutic purposes by thousands of people.

In Italy the laws regulating the consumption of CBD are still confusing but the sale of the substance is allowed as long as it contains a THC level of less than 0.6%. Since 2016, its use for medicinal purposes has been legalized but even in this case the laws are nebulous and extremely variable from region to region.

What is CBD for?

The fact that there is so much talk about this substance is no coincidence: for years it has been very strong in scientific research on animals in particular for its analgesic, painkiller, anti-prurito effects, and lately also for its beneficial effects for diseases such as osteoarthritis or epilepsy.

CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system that is present in the brains of dogs in the Claustrum area, a very strategic brain area that modulates cognitive, perceptual and motor functions. The fact that it has an effect in this area makes us understand how the action of CBD is very important and its enormous potential.

CBD, as previously mentioned, is not psychoactive, so, unlike THC, it produces sedative and pain-relieving effects and does not cause the psychotic effects that THC could produce on your little friend instead.

CBD oil.

CBD oils are one of the ways in which this substance is presented. They are the favorite choice of many masters because:

There are brands that create CBD Oils specific to animals like ours, which is totally natural and organic.

They usually come with a very low concentration of CBD (5% or 10%) and zero contamination of THC precisely to ensure the health of the animal.

The product is 100% natural, which minimizes the possibility of side effects.

Administration compared to traditional medicines is also easier: you can put a few drops in the bowl of food, or in the bowl of water and the animal will not notice anything.

The ability to dose quantities also makes it a safe product.

The benefits of this substance on animals are numerous and it is often in first place among alternative medicines, so what are you waiting for to try it?

Choose sustainable and natural solutions like this MamaMary CBD for PET Oil, for your pet’s health and the environment. 🍃

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