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Collection: Food and Beverages with Hemp

From Sicily to your home thanks to MamaMary farm

What if we told you that in our farm we produce much more than our top quality CBD products?

Directly from Sicily, land of the best pistachio specialties, we offer you a selection of our Bronte pistachio, hazelnut, almond and our shelled Bronte pistachio creams.

Do you want something amazing? Try our pistachio pesto with our special hemp fettucine.

And if that's not enough for you, other surprises await you: pasta, piadine and hemp strawberries but also MamaBear hemp candies or our CBD treats.

Try to give an amazing twist to all your dishes by trying our canapa food products.

All the products you want, at the highest quality, cultivated with passion and care. Look for the one that intrigues you the most directly from our shop, try it at home and