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3 Bubble Kush CBD Collectible Seeds

3 Bubble Kush CBD Collectible Seeds

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Our Bubble Kush is one of the most resinous strains and with these regular seeds it is one of the best varieties to grow: minimal effort maximum yield! 🫧

What does it look like?

These seeds are a magical cross between CBD and THC seeds and are adapted to Italian regulations. The plant grows to a maximum of 2 meters and its shape is elongated and pointed.

The buds are small but rich in resin and with very particular and unique green and orange shades.

The mixed effects of THC and CBD make the flowers of this plant a more energetic option for more relaxing varieties.

The intensity of the effects is high and its intoxicating scent will conquer you from the first flowering of the flowers🫧


THC: >0.6%

CBD: <20%

PROD. INDOOR: 1000-1550g/m2

PROD. OUTDOOR: 250-500 gr/plant

Legend of flavor:

Acidity: 🍋 🍋/5

Fruity: 🍓🍓/5

Pinoso: 🌲🌲🌲🌲/5

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