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CTIP Active Carbon Filters - BEST OF ACTITUBE - For Joints and Cigarettes

CTIP Active Carbon Filters - BEST OF ACTITUBE - For Joints and Cigarettes

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With CTIP activated carbon filters you taste the true aroma of your favorite varieties. Eliminates tar and sours by improving airflow for cleaner and better tasteful shots.

Replace mundane cardboard filters with CTIP activated carbon filters for a cleaner, tastier smoke and vaping experience.

Modern cannabis strains offer a huge variety of terpene profiles, but unfortunately these fantastic aromas are lost among the harsher flavors caused by smoking. CTIP activated carbon filters use the large surface of coal particles to capture harmful substances, instead allowing the passage of tasty terpenes.

These filters help keep tar out, create a more pleasant taste and make each shot softer and gentler for the throat and lungs. And their increased airflow also ensures more cannabinoids and terpenes with each inhalation.

Each filter is equipped with a recyclable aluminum housing, which makes CTIP activated carbon filters an environmentally friendly choice. Place them in the rods or vaporizer to improve your cannabis experience.

Replace the filter after 2-3 vaping sessions or after a barrel.

Each pack contains 25 filters for 25 memorable smoking sessions! 🤩
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