The best California genetics: 7 varieties that will make you drool

The best California genetics: 7 varieties that will make you drool

Since California kicked off the integral legalization of Cannabis, research into our beloved “alien plant” has had an impressive boost, from cultivation to the most sought after extracts.

In particular, American growers are benefiting from new tools and know-how, to get to the Perfect Plant: the golden mix that includes sophisticated aromatic and terpenic profiles with the right THC and CBD combo. Thus were born the renowned “Cali Weed”, premium herbs with prices that even reach €30 / gram, but with a look and taste definitely out of the ordinary!

Those cunning Americans, they also worked on marketing, trying to name the strain with labels that immediately connect to the perfumes, appearance or effects of genetics, thus were born the various: Gorilla Glue, Gelato, Zkittelz and co., which have become a cult for the most experienced smokers.

Straight from the hands of the most visionary growers, here are the best varieties of the year:

Purple Punch

Emerging as one of the best Indica-dominating hybrids in recent years, Purple Punch lives up to its name by crossing two classic varieties: Larry OG and Grand Daddy Purple. The buds are strongly frosted with trichomes and exude a powerful aroma of fruit and candy. Its creamy berry finish just complements its heavy sedative nature, perfect for fighting ailments such as nausea and depression, according to patient testimonials. The resistance of this particular strain to mites, combined with a moderate to heavy yield, also helps to make the Purple Punch - and new crosses - one of the best of the season.

Stephen Dillon, founder of True Humboldt in Humboldt County, California, said this year’s Punch is “simply bright and beautiful. People think it's an indoor. "

Sunset Sherbert

The variety of Girl Scout Cookies, always popular, combined with the genetics Pink Panties by majority indica marry perfectly by creating the Sunset Sherbert, a predominantly Indica and full-bodied hybrid, identified by its sweetly inviting smell and its dense, resinous shoots. This phenotype is relatively quick to bloom, compensating for a moderate difficulty of outdoor growth. However, grown properly, the buds should appear with shades of orange and purple.


For those who claim a satisfaction full of terpenes, they can only love Zkittlez, a predominant Indica hybrid known for its comforting tropical fruit flavor and for pleasantly relieving stress. The cross between Grapes and Grapefruit is a joy to grow it in the open air, as this strain is highly resistant to mold, and will appreciate the lot of sunlight

The new crosses of "Cherry Zkittlez," "OranZina," and "Zmoothie" are "super-oiled, they are big and have an incredible smell," said CEO Christina DiPaci. “This is the holy trinity of what a farmer can ask for.”

Forbidden FrTranquillo, you will not send humanity into eternal damnation, indulging in this forbidden fruit. Instead, you will throw yourself into a moment of euphoric relaxation strong enough to dissolve inflammation and stress symptoms. The terp-heavy crossing between Cherry Pie and Tangie is a breeze that grows under moderate conditions and with high resistance to pests and crop-related diseases.

Flowerdaze farms in Trinity County, California, crossed a Forbidden Fruit with Purple Cotton Candy from their Hyampom area. Her name is Rose Lemonade and grower Jacob Johnson said, "The feeling in the nose is a delicate drink. It is a flower with completely purple leaves with an incredible scent of rose lemon. "

(Destined for Solful in Sebastopol, Barbary Coast in San Francisco and People's OC in Orange County.)


Yet another daughter of Girl Scout Cookies genetics, Do Si Dos is also a parent of the powerful indica Face Off OG to offer a relaxing experience with enough energy to support creativity. With an incredibly easy growth process and abundant yields, some of Do Si Dos’ best crops can be identified by shimmering trichomes and purple colors. We are starting to see Do-Si-Dos crosses like Dosi-Punch (with Purple Punch) and Dosickeys (with Bickey Biscuits).

Original Glue / Gorilla Glue #4

Just like muscle cars and carbonated soft drinks, nothing beats a classic, and Gorilla Glue #4 has earned this status. Also known as Original Glue, this superstar strain is the product of a hat-trick between Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. These large, aromatic buds bloom in warm, sunny atmospheres before giving way to absurdly sticky, resinous buds that can stick to cutting scissors. Expect a lot of "glue" all year round!

Key Lime Pie

This phenotype that snaps lips once again proves that Girl Scout Cookies forms a foundation among cannabis genetics. The aroma is accentuated by sweet, caramelized notes of lime and mint and spreads users with a wave of relaxation suitable for chronic pain and insomnia. Key Lime Pie is not the easiest plant to grow, however, leaving the most experienced growers to unlock its full potential. Also pay attention to Ley Lime this year: Flowerdaze Farms in Trinity County made a Lime Candy this year, crossing Key Lime Pie with their Hyampom ‘cotton candy’ purple heirloom.

And you, have you had the opportunity to taste one of these genetics?
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