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Who Are We?

MamaMary is one of the first hemp companies in Italy. Since 2017, on the slopes of Etna, we have been growing and marketing products from certified crops from Industrial Hemp. We offer through our site and our stores innovative and eco-sustainable products that fall within the concept of zero-impact recycling and circular economy. Welcome to our community help us spread the Green culture.


Behind every MamaMary flower is a story that has lasted for more than 70 years.

Until 1945 in a plot of land on the slopes of the Etna volcano in Sicily hemp was grown for the most diverse uses; to make paper, ropes, clothing, cosmetics, construction and much more. At the time, Italy was one of the largest producers in the world with 100,000 hectares of hemp grown, from north to south. Suffice it to say that, to date, only 90,000 hectares are grown in hemp in the world.

MamaMary Grow 2021, ETNA Sicily

Today in the same land where Etna Sativa Hemp was once produced, today, after more than half a century, MamaMary grows the best Legal Cannabis in Europe.

MamaMary’s Legal Cannabis is produced without pay any expense, according to best practises learned from years of experience in the Netherlands and California. For over 10 years we have been sending our growers around the world to select the best cannabis strains.

MamaMary Cannabis Legal

The best strains once selected are tested in special grow-rooms with a rigourous control method aimed at identifying those with the best characteristics.

Subsequently, the most vigourous plants are selected to be the mother plants at the base of MamaMary's genetic heritage.

At this point, every year, from spring to autumn, MamaMary grows Cannabis with ancient traditions but with the most advanced technologies and quality standards.

All picked MamaMary flowers are machine trimmed and dried in special controlled atmosphere rooms and then stored in tanning containers. After reaching its perfect state, MamaMary Hemp is further trimmed by hand and packaged for sale or processed into oils, cosmetics and healing foods.The unbridled passion for this plant, attention to detail and the customer make MamaMary one of the world pioneers of the Hemp Industry. So if you’re looking for a reliable long-term partner you can trust, you’ve finally found it!