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Fat Banana Automatic

Fat Banana Automatic

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Fat Banana Automatic smells of tropical fruits and has thick, huge buds, as the name suggests. This is an autoflowering variety of Fat Banana, a scented classic. With a crazy aroma, satisfying yields and massive levels of THC, the original has left its mark on the world of cannabis.

Our breeders have decided to cross this popular variety with a ruderalis over several generations to develop an impressive and fast indica autoflowering. Now easier than ever to grow, it produces a crazy crop in record time!


Fat Banana Automatic inherited the indica predominant genetics of the original variety. Comparable to its predecessor, it offers a wonderfully pounding high. Its effects manifest themselves immediately and lead the user to a euphoric state of relaxation. All of this is fuelled by a high level of THC, which distinguishes Fat Banana Automatic from many other autoflowering seeds. This variety is ideal for night binges. Users can become too relaxed to be able to function properly throughout the day. Put on a movie, prepare dinner and get ready for a relaxing session of hours.

The power of Fat Banana Automatic also has medicinal value. His relaxed nature is able to reduce stress, while the physical appearance of his high can help reduce pain.

The original Fat Banana got its name for a reason. Its bulbous buds have a sweet, fruity terpenic profile. Fat Banana Automatic has taken up these sugary scents, along with flavours of banana, citrus and sweets.


Fat Banana Automatic produces a good harvest 9-10 weeks after germination. Its fast-growing model is perfect for impatient growers among us who want to have fun as soon as possible. When grown indoors, it generates a perfect yield of up to 450 / m2. Also, it does not grow beyond 100cm. Outdoor grown plants reach a maximum height of 120cm and generate a yield of 175g/plant.
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